Tropical Landscape Design Of A Small Patio

Cozy Tropical Landscaping Ideas For Backyard

Tropical landscape design – Tropical plants withstand the heat and add dimension and color to an otherwise monotonous area. The basic design of tropical landscapes is roads and seats. Make tracks in the center of the area with white gravel or on large concrete stones in a bed of white gravel. Set the steps in a random pattern to mimic the look of meandering through a villa. Square the planting areas with the woods of the landscape and be hidden.

Clusters of similar tropical plants will make the best visualization. For example, a planting area is home to several hibiscus plants. Make another planting area for bougainvillea. Continuing along, bananas strategically placed with stone benches below create a mystery hidden among the large leaves of the banana tree. Additionally palm trees, including palm fans, palm trees and others do well in a side yard. Complete the planting in pots with plants and lanterns along the tracks and at the entrance of the side yard.

The color of the walls will affect the overall appearance of the side yard. The neutral shades of beige and brown are ideal and will complement the bright colors of tropical plants. Add only small colored items with decorations on the fence or outdoor pictures on the walls. A mural can be equally painted on the attractive wall as an entrance to the shade in an island hut.