Use Stylish Heavy Duty Trellis Fence Panels

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Heavy duty trellis fence panels are often used as decorative pieces instead of privacy. Strips of wood measure 1 inch by ¾ of an inch attached in a crosshatch pattern to larger slats of wood, creating spaces that are about 6 or 8 inches square. A trellis fence is more of a frame as it has holes large enough to look through. Due to the nature of a trellis fence, it provides privacy if covered with creepers.

Use a trellis fence to keep children and pets in the yard, and strangers and wildlife out. Use stylish trellis fences increases the brake appeal. Outline the border of your property with standard trellis fences. Attach specially crafted curved trellis pieces to the top of the solid fence pieces for a whimsical aspect fence. The curved pieces appear as if a wave is traveling along your fence.

Use heavy positions on the corners of your property, and sturdy posts around the rest of the perimeter to add strength to your trellis fence. Find an area of ​​your yard where a lush garden would be appropriate. Line the perimeter of the room with a high trellis fence. The tallness indicates privacy, but the trellis aspect of the fence allows the garden to be seen from the outside. Add a port so visitors can easily enter the garden.