Wooden Outdoor Furniture To Enjoy Life Outdoors

Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture Paint

Wooden outdoor furniture – We have everything you need to plan how to enjoy life outdoors – whatever the thermometer is. With garden and lounge furniture as well as light chains you can still enjoy the outdoor life in the garden or on the balcony, regardless of when the day or the year it is. You can also find cushions for the garden furniture in our assortment as well as practical outdoor storage.  A piece of furniture for relaxing or lounging outside, which is resistant to weather and wind.

For example, consider untreated wood that ages beautifully. If you prefer the original color to remain intact, we treat the wood with oil. We can also cover the furniture with beautiful fabrics that are suitable for outdoor use. We make all our wooden garden furniture to measure! The kitchen in your house is a place for cozy moments with family or friends.

In the summer you can recreate this with an outdoor kitchen. Do you want a barbecue, a grill or a small fridge for dry white wine? Maybe even a pizza oven or a smoker? We make the design together with you and we build in the equipment that you want. Come to our factory for ideas, we will put together the ideal outdoor kitchen and you will soon serve the most delicious dishes from your own garden!