Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Ideas

The outdoor kitchen pergola is an excellent solution to enjoy the outdoors, the shade and the tranquility of our terrace or garden, while adding style to the house. They are a decorative element of great impact, where the integration with the environment and the house play a fundamental role. In a very short time it will become one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of the house and visitors.

Outdoor kitchen pergola ideas provide well-being and protection to outdoor environments. They create a perfect harmony with all types of facades , whether classic or modern, and decorate outdoor spaces. The wooden pergolas are somewhat more expensive, however this type of wooden structures are much more resistant than alternatives in plastics. The choice of wood is essential if we want a durable pergola. It will be necessary to opt for woods that resist the humidity of natural wood.

Among these are tropical woods such as teka or ipe. Also woods that have been treated for outdoor use, for example an autoclave treatment. However, the glued laminated beams have been the most used for years. This type of technical or industrial wood allows not only greater lengths and thicknesses, but also a better load capacity and are dimensionally more stable. So, it will make your outdoor kitchen ideas more durable.